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Mage Knight Miniatures War Board Game Review

Mage Knight Board Game

Magic, battles, mages, and sorcery: sounds like a job for the latest console-based fantasy game or RPG gaming app, doesn't it? Perhaps, but Mage Knight is no app - it's the kind of board game that will fit very nicely in your collection, and it comes from the mind of the one and only Vlaada Chvatil. This game takes you and your fellow players on an adventure that can easily be described being nothing less than epic in nature. Sure, distributors of the game are bound to say that, but even the most experienced players will concede that the gameplay is complex and the focus on reputation and the long game is second to none here.

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Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game Review

Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game

There are games that are played for casual fun and games that people sink their lives into: Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game is firmly in the latter camp. This game requires a significant level of dedication with painting of the miniatures and the scenery, purchasing of additional miniatures to supplement this pack, and the allotting of significant quantities of time in order to be able to enjoy this game to its full extent. Though this may be true of many fantasy games, The LOTR Strategy Battle game involves a complex rule set, a hefty number of starting miniatures, and also a substantial number of expansion packs to bolster your collection.

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