Flames of War: The World War 2 Review

If you enjoy a bit of history and also wish to have a great miniatures game then you have a range of options available to you. Wizard offers a great miniatures-based WWII experience in the form of their Axis and Allies set, but if you're after something with less of a focus on historical accuracy and a little more attention paid to swift gameplay, Flames of War could well be the miniatures set you're looking for.More Info

Top 5 World War 2 Miniature Games

Miniatures fans: there is good news for you, no matter whether you are old or young - there are many miniatures sets out there that allow you to enjoy some highly organised and strategy-filled fun, and a lot of them are concerned with simulating the World War 2 experience in as realistic a manner as possible! This is why this article has been created, to attempt to put in ranking order the very best 5 World War 2 Miniatures Games out there.More Info

Wings of War: WWII Deluxe Set

Those that have had the opportunity to experience any of the other Wings of War miniatures sets will know that the wonderfully detailed models act as incredible centrepieces for the simulated aerial action of the board game. Never before has reproducing the swift manoeuvring and plane-on-plane dog-fighting of World War II pilots been so incredibly entertaining or convenient to set up.More Info