Gripping Beast Miniatures

Late last year I visited the Gripping Beast guys in their new shop, they were kind enough to let me take pictures of all their displays.

As there has been much interest in seeing actual photos of their range I decided to post the pictures I have until the Official Gripping Beast site is launched.

These galleries are not the complete range of figures and due to poor lighting and camera they are not the best pictures in the world and they certainly don't do justice to the high level of painting, however they will give you an idea of the various models and posses.

You will be presented with thumbnails, click to enlarge, this will open up a full size popup window. To close the window just click the x in the top right hand corner or click any place in the window itself.

Heroes of Viking Age

Photos will be added soon for the following:

  • Romano British
  • German Tribes
  • Dark Age Scots, Celts
  • Dark Age Picts
  • Mid/Late Saxons
  • Mid/Late Anglo-Danish
  • First Crusade
  • Byzantine
  • Spanish
  • The Moors
  • Caesar's Legions
  • Ancient Celts
  • Early Imperial Rome
  • Punic War-Veterans
  • Punic War-Libyan
  • Punic War-Spanish
  • Punic War-Numidians
  • Punic War-Balearics
  • Civilians
  • Personalities

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