Code of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island Game

code of honor 2 conspiracy island: main image

The Foreign Legion commandos are facing another great challenge. This time an international team will go to French Guiana to secure the region. The mercenaries of general Mendoza targeted a research facility on Ile Royale. They captured an experimental nuclear reactor. It is a beginning of a critical chain of events which will threaten the whole region. The French government must solve the problem before the public gets to know about it. The commandos will recieve an order to silently infiltrate the island. The success of their task lies in your hands.

code of honor 2 conspiracy island: external environment

Conquer Ile Royale, going through a system of caves, a nineteen-century prison and a factory complex to reach the research facility and stop the enemy. Shoot from behind cover and hide from enemy fire using the Covert Fire System^Observe your surroundings - many of its elements may be used as weapons^Experience the JupiterEx engine abilities: great graphics, special effects and incredible AI^Use the real Foreign Legion arsenal: FAMAS, ERYX, PAMAS-G1, H&K MP5 as well as weapons taken from your enemies: FN FAL, Bizon PP-19, H&K G11 and Mossberg 500

Code of Honor 2 was developed by CI Games and initially released in August 2008.