Axis and Allies: Counter Offensive 1941-1943 Expansion

Assuming that anyone reading this is already quite a board-game buff and miniatures veteran, you'll know just what's on offer when being reminded of the Axis and Allies Air Miniatures: Angels 20 starter pack. This aerial-based warfare game is a depth-filled experience designed to give you the perfect base on which to build your miniatures collection. But the aforementioned miniatures game is still just that: a base, limited in what it has to offer because that's just the nature of (most) starter packs. There are many packs that will allow you to expand this series, but the Counter Offensive 1941-1943 expansion is as good as any to describe and review.

Axis and Allies: Counter Offensive 1941-1943 Expansion

The Axis and Allies Counter Offensive Set

Opening up Axis and Allies: Counter Offensive 1941-1943 expansion pack will be a delight to players that already own the Angels 20 starter kit. This is partially because even though this is an expansion pack that can be played on its own, the Axis and Allies Angels 20 starter kit and booster pack both include the framework to expand what would otherwise be the largely ground-based warfare of this Counter Offensive 1941-1943 expansion pack into a full-scale ground-and-air battle experience.

This expansion pack in total (the booster packs that allow you to collect the figures from this set come with 5 miniatures in each of them)contains a healthy number of miniatures, 50 in total, ranging from some aircraft to tanks and infantry, all historically accurate and in a wonderful-looking 15mm scale as well. You'll find combat units that come from a massive 14 different nations, some new, some already existing in the Axis and Allies universe.

You'll be greeted with familiar nations such as the USSR, Japan, and Hungary whilst also being treated to nations that are introduced for the first time in this set - these include Croatia, New Zealand, and Yugoslavia. All models are obviously loyal in design to their respective nation's units, offering life-like representation of what these vehicles and units of war would have looked like, if shrunk to 15mm scale of course.

What you Get in the Box

It's important to remember that when purchasing booster packs for the Axis and Allies: Counter Offensive, it must be remember that each booster pack contains only 5 pre-painted miniatures chosen at random. This means that you will obviously have to purchase multiple booster packs in order to collect all 50, in a similar manner that you would buy manypacks of Pokémon cards just to be in with a chance of owning one of the entire Pokémon collections eventually.

Possible Figurines to Collect

With 50 to collect in total, it would be a difficult task accurately listing them here, but below are just a few examples of what you have to look forward to when purchasing your booster packs.


There are 22 tanks to collect in total, ranging from the Slovakian Marder III and the Romanian Sd Kfz 251 through to the Type 4 Ho-Ro, Zrinyi Assault Howitzer, the Panzer IV, Polish SU-85, and the M7 105mm Priest. Each of these tanks is obviously decorated in tremendous detail that appears superior to the models of the aerial craft in the Angels 20 starter pack.


There are just 2 kinds of aircraft you will encounter when purchasing your booster packs in the Counter Offensive collection. This is obviously because there are other packs such as the Air Miniatures that take care of the aerial warfare aspect, whilst the 1939-1945 15mm base pack and all expansion packs thereafter are largely comprised of mostly ground-based infantry, artillery, and vehicles.

The aircraft available in this Counter Offensive expansion are the Kawanishi N1K-J Shiden-Kai aircraft and the F4U Corsair. This is quite limited compared to the aerial warfare sets, but this is to be expected from a general expansion set that isn't aerial-warfare specific.


Infantry is often a favourite amongst players because of the attention to detail in the models - no exceptions have been made here. You've got models ranging from a troop with a 3-inch mortar to a Marine Sergeant, a Greek Mountain Infantry troop, guards infantry, and Siberian Shock Troops.

A more comprehensive list of the miniatures available can be located on this page, as can the opportunity to buy the individual models (if they aren't out of stock of course).